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Course of Ofimática OpenOffice Basic - Database - Level Advanced

Precio 90 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 80 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro
Curso de Ofimática OpenOffice Base - Base de Datos - Nivel Avanzado Curso de Ofimática OpenOffice Basee - Base de Datos - Nivel Avanzado Curs d“Ofimàtica OpenOffice Basi - Base de dades - Nivell Avançat Curso de Ofimática OpenOffice Baseie Base de Dados - Nível Avançado   Course of Ofimática OpenOffice Basic - Database - Level Advanced   Cours d“Ofimática OpenOffice Base - Base de Données - Niveau Devancé
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Beyond all doubt, the applications of databases have turned into a powerful tool for gestionar and organise the data related with a determinate subject, of an effective way. It Would remain incomplete the study and handle of the application OpenOffice, without devoting a course to the tool of Database that contains.

OpenOffice Database has expanded strongly his functionality, offering to the professional and particular user an effective and simple tool in his handle, to design databases, structured in tables.

Also, offers big possibilities regarding the design of queries of simple selection, forms of introduction of data and reports. Even, it offers the tool to work with the application like agent of relational databases, allowing establish and define relations between tables.

Besides, through the extensions of OpenOffice will be able to increase the functionalities of the application, adding new characteristics to the program.

Therefore, along the development of the course the student will learn basic concepts and foundations of the handle of programs of databases that will help him to the hour to organise and gestionar properly the information on a determinate subject

The student will learn to:

Know the process of obtaining and installation of OpenOffice.

Learn the fundamental concepts of the databases.

Learn to differentiate the distinct elements of the interface of the program.

Learn the design and use of tables and to establish complex relations between the same

Create complex forms

Realise queries combined to the Database

Generate complete reports and modify his design

The process of learning base in the reading comprensiva of the different didactic units that comprise the course, visualisation in video of an explanation detailed of the treated in the unit, realisation of a practice in real time on an on-line simulation of the own program in the system and systematic realisation of the test of autoevaluación, besides the course is focused in an essentially practical sense with innumerable examples for each separated in which poses the most suitable form to explode the different options of the program, along the course. To surpass the course, the student will have to realise several practical cases posed by the tutors and surpass a final examination in the platform of and-learning.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There is not.
Headed to companies and particular that want to implant technologies Open Source for his usual tasks of management of databases of clients, providers, products, etc...

Temario cubierto por el curso:

1.1. Basic concepts
1.2. Objects of a relational database
1.3. Analysis and design of a database
1.3.1 analyses and design of the tables
1.3.2 relations between tables


3.1. Create tables
3.2. Relate the tables

4.1. Creation of a form
4.2. Creation of a form from the sight of design
4.2.1. Select the table/consults for which is the form
4.2.2. Insert fields in the form
4.2.3. Insert fields in the form: fields of label
4.2.4. Move, delete and change the size of an object
4.2.5. Change the format of an object
4.2.6. Select more than an object
4.2.7. Range objects
4.2.8. Insert fields in the form: picture combined
4.2.9. Order of tabulation

5.1. Creation of a form using the assistant
5.1.1. Sight of data of a form
5.1.2. Give high of registers from a form
5.1.3. It sweep tools navigation of forms
5.1.4. Filter registers
5.2. Creation of a form with subformulario using the assistant

6.1 create a query from the sight of design
6.1.1. Select the fields for the query
6.1.2. Alias for the fields
6.1.3. Establish the order of exit
6.1.4. Do visible or no a field in the query
6.1.5. Functions in the query
6.1.6. Establish the criteria of the query
6.1.7. Query of distinct values
6.1.8. Save the query
6.1.9. Consult data of more than a table
6.1.10. Consult a query

7.1. Creation of a report
7.1.1. Screen of preliminary sight of a report
7.2. Modify the design of a report
7.2.1. Option format character
7.2.2. Option format paragraph
7.2.3. Option format page
7.2.4. Modify the width of the fields
7.2.5. Delete objects of the report
7.2.6. Modify the title of the report
7.2.7. Autoformato Of tables
7.2.8. Insert the number of page, the date, etc
7.2.9. Modify an object

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