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Precio 235 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 57 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Telemarketing Telemarketing Telemarketing Telemarketing   Telemarketing   Telemarketing
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

This course head to the one who, with the lower possible cost, wants to locate to all the potential clients of his zone for, doing an exhaustive follow-up, realise the sale continued of his products.

The crisis is affecting of way very strong to the consumption, by what have to look for new roads and new channels of sale and commercialisation of our products and services, in this sense the telemarketing offers us a series of advantages that have to take advantage of:

  • That has a strength of sales that contacts directly to the client and does work of convencimiento, incrementando the utilities of the businesses, in addition to being a means of cheap advertising in comparison with other means like the radio or the television.

  • An advantage for the client could be that it can purchase these products or services from his home or office without having to go directly until the company that commercialises them, by what would constitute in said case a saving in time and resources.

  • Another advantage, is that when the aide contacts directly to the client, this resolves him all his doubts or explains him the special characteristics of the product or service in depth, thing that would be impossible to realise inside a space limited of few seconds in a commercial for radio or television.

In a world increasingly globalizado, the new media allow us arrive to more potential clients, and that is an opportunity that have to take advantage of with the telemárketing and the sale by telephone, in this course that features of several parts, all they directed to know the potential of the markets:

  • Will study the telemarketing in himself same like impulsor of the sales of our company with the technical of teleshopping, from the base until the application of specific methods, will see the advantages and inconvenient of this system of sales and like executing it studying the types of telemarketing, the process of communication with the possible client, the different technicians of communication as the characteristics of our speaker, the knowledge be to the telephone and especially the approach and development of the telephone call for the sale. We Will see also like preparing the documentation of help and control of the work realised that it will help us to improve the ratio of sales.

  • Will study specifically the telemarketing oriented to sales, like doing, what do, for what do, costs, structure, form of application, etc ...

  • Finally will develop the part of the negotiation in the telephone sale or telemarketing, centring us in the different types of negotiation and how focus them in front of our speaker as his attitude, recognising the different personalities and typologies of clients that will find us to the telephone and the suitable strategy to each case for the success in the sale that allow us achieve our objective and arrive to the necessary agreements.

This course has an essentially practical orientation in which the student will see the concepts of the telemarketing and numerous examples on and focus each situation that will find us in the telephone sale, besides to surpass it will have to realise a practical case in that will apply step to step the learnt in a supposed telephone conversation with a potential client under the supervision of the tutor to charge of the course.

Al finalizar the course the student will be prepared stop:

  • Focus the implantation of a system of telemárketinge in a PYME

  • Study and apply the most suitable processes of support to the telephone sale in his company

  • Collaborate in the training of his mates of face to the application of the telemarketing

  • Realise directly and/or supervise the functions of telemarketing or telephone sale in his company

  • Focus the sale of the most suitable form as the typology of client to the another side of the communication

  • Prepare the communicative script for any vendor in the attention of commercial calls

  • Carry the conversation and the telephone negotiation to the materialisation of the sale

  • Apply in each moment the tactics of suitable sale to the profile of the client

Headed to commercial, personal that occasionally realise commercial works, intermediate controls, personal of the department of sales and personal of the department of marketing in PYMES that wish to implant or perfect his system of telephone sales.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

They do not exist specific requirements for this course of Telemarketing

Temario cubierto por el curso:


1. The telemarketing like impulsor of sales
1.1. What is the telemarketing?
1.2. Differences between marketing and telemarketing
1.3. Different types of telemarketing
1.3.1. Teleshopping
1.3.2. Telemarketing prospectivo
1.3.3. Telemarketing
1.3.4. Telemarketing Of investigation of markets.
1.3.5. Telemarketing Of support
1.3.6. Telemarketing Informative (on-line)
1.3.7. The telemarketing oriented to the sale
1.4. Rentabilidad Of the telemarketing oriented to sales
1.5. How achieve this rentabilidad
1.6. When it is advisable the installation of the TM?
1.6.1. Characteristics
1.7. Telemarketing himself Or no?
1.8. How begin?
1.9. Telemarketing Intern or external?
1.9.1. Characteristics of the TM external
1.9.2. Indications of the TM external
1.9.3. Characteristics of the TM intern
1.9.4. Indications of the TM intern
1.9.5. Basic differences between the two types of TM
1.9.6. Compatibility of both systems
1.10. Suitability of his introduction in the company
1.10.1. Analysis of the surroundings
1.10.2. Means
2. The Communication
2.1. What is the communication?
2.2. Elements of a system of communication
2.3. Types of information
2.4. Relation between the elements of a system
2.5. Influence of the emisores on the receptors in terms of communication
2.6. Phases of communication
3. Technical of telephone communication
3.1. The voice
3.1.1. His characteristics
3.1.2. The expression
3.1.3. Voice and tone as the phases of the poll
3.1.4. Principles to take into account during all the poll
3.2. The language
3.2.1. Suitable election of the words
3.3. Forms to speak
3.3.1. Typology and characteristic of our speakers
3.4. Other appearances
3.4.1. The smile
3.4.2. Know listen
3.4.3. The silence like part of the conversation
4. The telephone call
4.1. The telephone script
4.2. It takes it of contact
4.3. Poll of the needs or expectations
4.4. The development
4.5. The objections
4.6. The closing
5. Documentation of help and control
5.1. The script of the call
5.2. Script of the calls to effect
5.3. Summary of the daily work
5.4. Statistical control accumulated


1. Stop what install Telemarketing Oriented to Sales?
2. Why?
3. Which investments it would be necessary to realise?
4. Would amortise easily?
5. Which types of company can install telemarketing?
6. Is necessary some previous requirement to install TM?
7. Which would be the calendar of an installation of the Telemarketing
Oriented to Sales (TMOV)?

8. Possible structure of a course on TMOV


1. The negotiation
1.1. What is a negotiation?
1.2. Which premises are necessary for a negotiation?
1.3. What other elements can form part of a negotiation?
1.4. Why negotiate?
1.5. Stop what negotiate?
1.6. All the negotiations are equal?
1.6.1. Previous negotiation or intern
1.6.2. Restricted or enclosed negotiation
1.6.3. Public or open negotiation
1.6.4. Negotiation in a level or horizontal
1.6.5. Negotiation between several levels or vertical
1.7. What split has a negotiation?
2. The negociadores
2.1. All the negociadores are equal?
2.2. Which are the basic aims of all negociador?
2.3. Distinct typologies of the negociadores
2.4. Attitudes to negotiate
2.5. Characteristics of each attitude
3. The strategy
3.1. Preparation: positions of game
3.2. Factors to take into account in the preparation
3.3. Preparation: aims to cover
3.3.1. What is an aim?
3.3.2. How they will be the aims?
3.3.3. How they will avoid to be the aims?
3.3.4. They exist other types of aims?
3.4. Preparation: phase of information
3.5. Preparation: phase of study and evaluation
3.6. Preparation: summary and elaboración of the script of the strategy
4. The tactics
4.1. Councils to the hour to negotiate
5. The agreements

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