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Course of Introduction to the Bases of Data Relacionales

Precio 30 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 50 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Prácticas: No remuneradas
Curso de Introducción a las Bases de Datos Relacionales Curso de Introdución ás Bases de Datos Relacionales Curs d“Introducció a les Bases de Dades Relacionales Curso de Introdução às Bases de Dados Relacionales   Course of Introduction to the Bases of Data Relacionales   Cours d“Introduction aux Bases de Données Relacionales
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Curso de Introducción a las Bases de Datos RelacionalesIn the current world the informática and with her the programming and development of applications centered in the handle of the data has purchased an importacia of first order for any company or professional, so that it does not cost of at all know programar in any lenguaje if you do not understand to the perfection the basic operation of any base of data and as the data are organized in them to be called from diverse application in any entrono operative. Splitting of this base and in function of the exhaustividad of the data and the relations in himself arises the concept of Bases of Data Realiconales, that are those that integrate diverse type of data in several tabalas of a same base and that do indispensable for the agilidad and usabilidad of the same.

Of the billed previous desprende that the handle of the Bases of Data Relacionales is indispensable in any lenguaje of programming orientado to the handle of data and therefore in any application informática that pretend the administration of the same, more still when the main value of the companies in the actuality radica in the treatment of his products, clients, providers, agents, etc..., would not be comprehensible the simplest program of turnover, warehouse or accounting without resorting to the uses of Bases of data Relacionales and therefore is a fundamental appearance of the learning of anyone that pretend dedicarrse to the development of software.

It has to remain clear from the first moment that of the buen design of the base of data that go to use depends the buen end of the utility informática that pretend to develop and therefore would be almost useless to know a lot of any lenguaje of programming without knowing the operation of the bases of data, since another form would be condenador to reescribir all the code of the program one and one thousand times if we have not posed properly the "bases" of the same.

General aims

With this course of Introduction Advanced to the Bases of Data Relacionales pretend to leave clear the concepts of his operation and structure, achieving a triple objective:

  • Clear the operation in all the appearances of the Bases of data relacionales
  • Comprise like structuring a number elevated of data
  • Schedule from the "base" like developing an application informática.

Specific aims

Specifying a bit more the aims of this course can declare that the student will achieve:

Understand the operation and structure to know like taking advantage of all the capacities of this type of bases of data in the creation of programs informáticos of any level.
Learn the utilization of the bases of data and of Microsoft Access of face to the programming.
Study the operation of the same for a better base of face to the utilization of sentences SQL and of bases of data of main complexity.
Specific training very sued and valued in the market of work for the professionals of the informática.
Asentar The pilares of the programming no only usual sinó also for intranets and extranets taking advantage of the functionalities of the bases of data regarding the technologies of progamación for the web.


The course will develop entirely online, by means of temarios descargables, test of autoevaluación and complete help and asesoramiento by means of tutor personal. At the end the course the student will receive a diploma acreditativo issued by ACEDIS Training

Requisitos de acceso al curso:


Temario cubierto por el curso:

Module 1 - Introduction

1.1- Introduction advanced to the Bases of Data Relacionales

1.2- Problems with the bases of simple data

1.3- Introduction to the bases of data relacionales

1.4- Planning of the bases of data

Module 2 - Creation of a Base of data relacional

2.1- Introduction to the creation of a Base of Data with multiple tables

2.2- Creation of the tables

2.3- Type of data

2.4- Properties of the fields

2.5- Indices based in several fields

Module 3 - Creation of a Base of data relacional II

3.1- Creation of a Base of data relacional II

3.2- Type of Relations

Module 4 - Creation of Relations

4.1- Creation of Relations

4.2- Management of Relations

Module 5 - Management of registers in BD relacionales

5.1- Entering and editing data

5.2- Management of fields between distinct tables

Module 6 - Management of forms

6.1- Creation and management of forms

6.2- Window of Design of forms

Module 7 - Queries

7.1- Application of the Assistant Access for queries of multiple tables

7.2- The view of design in the queries

7.3- Properties advanced of them consult

Module 8 - Queries with operations of calculation

8.1- Fields Calculated

8.2- Calculations on the tables

8.3- Calculations on the registers

Module 9 - Queries advanced in BD relacionales

9.1- Create queries in view design with several tables

9.2- Gestionar combinations of tables

9.3- Create a query from another

9.4- The queries of action

Module 10 - The filters

10.1- The filters

Module 11 - The autoinformes

11.1- Assistants for reports no automatic

Module 12 - Conclusion

12..1- Conclusion

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