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Master Official in Prevention of Labour Risks for Technicians of Prevention

Precio 1712 € - Formación Reglada, OnLine de 1800 horas - Titulación Propia de la Universidad
Master Oficial en Prevención de Riesgos Laborales para Técnicos en Prevención Master Oficial en Prevención de Riscos Laborais para Técnicos de Prevención Master Oficial en Prevenció de Riscos Laborals per a Tècnics de Prevenció Master Oficial em Prevenção de Riscos Trabalhistas para Técnicos de Prevenção   Master Official in Prevention of Labour Risks for Technicians of Prevention   Master Officiel en Prévention de Risques De travail pour des Techniciens de Prévention
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Official program of Postgrado specific for Technicians of Upper Level in Prevention of Labour Risks of the ancient system of training

With the entrance in force of the Treaty of Bolonia and the adaptation of the university system Spanish to the European space that determines two basic levels of university training, titles of Degree and Titles of Postgrado, have produced legislative modifications in the field of Competent Technicians of Prevention of Labour Risks; said modifications are oriented to substitute the ancient courses of training like Technician of Upper Level in Prevention of Labour Risks by postgrados official university, giving a value added to a title that already was official, the academic value of Postgrado Official or Máster University Official.

Therefore from the 01/01/2010 no longer realise separate courses for the specialities that can be missing to the students that already are technical, and will have to go through a process of convalidación in the academic factor to finish completing his titulación of technician of prevention of upper level if they wish to have the three specialities prevenctivas.

ACEDIS Training, expert in training in Prevention of Labour Risks, offers you the opportunity to obtain the title of Máster Official in Prevention of Risks Works with his three specialities: Security in the Work, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Psicosociología Applied, expedido by the JOIN (International University of The Rioja) taking advantage of the part that already have studied.

The Law of Prevention of Labour Risks, Law 31/1995 of 8 of November, establishes in his exhibition of reasons that "the purpose of fomentar an authentic preventive culture, by means of the promotion of the improvement of the education in said matter in all the educational levels, involucra to the society in his group and constitutes one of the basic aims and of effects perhaps more trascendentes for the future of the pursued by the present Law". By his part, the Regulation of the services of Prevention, regulates the capacities or necessary aptitudes for the development of the preventive activity, as well as the exigible minimum training for the development of the preventive activity, as well as the exigible minimum training for the exert of said functions that classify in basic level, intermediate and upper in prevention of labour risks.

The strong social demand that exists of Technicians sure enough prepared in this matter does necessary the realisation of diverse courses in all the national field. On the other hand in front of the new open possibilities by the technologies of the information has opened a fan of methods of education colaborativa that allow a main aprovechamiento of the training and the generalisation of the same.

Professional exits:

The Course provides a titulación university of official and valid character for all Europe of a new profession highly requested by the companies, since all they need to adapt to the exigencias of the valid legislation, quotation apart from the corresponding academic value of Postgrado Official in Prevention of Labour Risks.

Methodology and Material of study:

The methodology of study of the Máster is íntegramente on-line, all the material of study will be to disposal of the alumnado in the Platform of on-line training, always available for the study of each one of the units of Competition of the Máster. The access to the Máster realised of way programada and staggered, with an always updated programming in the calendar of events of the Máster.

In addition to the material of study in himself, the student will have in the Campus of multimedia material (videos, presentations, ...) Of classes pregrabadas by the professors, explanatory of the matters, as well as complementary documentation, legislation, bibliographies, guides, etc.

During the course, apart from the study of the theoretical parts that comprise this Master, will have of a series of exercises type test and practical cases where to apply the knowledges purchased in each step of the learning

Professors and Tutors:

The educational team is formed by professors with professional experience so much in the field of the Docencia and of the Prevention of Labour Risks, explaining besides with wide experience in impartir training through the Tics. The student will be able to communicate with his personal tutor by means of the direct access of email that has in the Platform, as well as in the forums of query. The time of answer will not be upper in no case to 48 hours.

Evaluation of the Máster:

The equiparación academic realise with the superación of the exercises proposed in the platform. The student has to do a reading comprensiva of temarios for his update and the exercises that correspond. Of this form will not have to realise any examination of the Parts Convalidables (Module I, III, IV or V as each case)

To surpass the rest of asignaturas, the student will have to surpass the Examinations that correspond to the Modules that do not have realised with his titulación previous. The term of examination is of 8 Months from the start of the announcement. The proofs presenciales are cuatrimestrales , and in them will examine to the student of the asignaturas corresponding to each stage of the study. To facilitate the mobility in the measure of the possible, said examinations will celebrate always in Saturday, and in the nearest headquarters to the student.

Each examination will have the corresponding load to the number of asignaturas by module, and will compose of examinations type test formed by 50 questions with three possible answers, of which only one will be correct. The wrong questions, in these examinations, do not subtract punctuation on the total of the examination.

A student can present to a same examination until a total of 4 times, without having to credit any type of additional cost in each new announcement to which present .

Practical and Project:

The practices will realise along the second cuatrimestre, having a length of 300 hours, and will realise chord to two areas to choose between the three preventive specialities available.

Will be able to eximir of the realisation of the practices if you accredit by means of a certificate of Company and/or justificante of high in the Social Security, in which specify that it has been hired during a minimum of a year like Technical of Prevention of Labour Risks in said specialities of prevention, being able to do it of Security in the Work, Industrial Hygiene or Ergonomics and Psicosociología Applied.

The remaining speciality will be object of the Final Project, and will be of thematic free and specific. The work will have to defend in front of a court.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

- Have University Title: Diplomatura, Term of office, Technical or Upper Engineering
- Have the Official Title of Technician of Upper Level in Prevention of Labour Risks

Temario cubierto por el curso:

The programming of the Máster distribute in 60 ECTS (credits), covering therefore a total of 1.800 hours, to develop in 1 academic year

Module I: The Prevention of Labour Risks in the Labour Environment. Foundations of the Preventive Technicians and Normative Frame. Credits: 26
Module II: Systems of Management OHSAS 18001:2007. Credits: 3
Module III: Speciality of Security in the Work. Credits: 4
Module IV: Speciality of Industrial Hygiene. Credits:4
Module V: Speciality of Ergonomics and Psicosociología Applied. Credits: 4
Module SAW: Practical in Company and Work End of Máster. Credits: 19

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