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Master in Foreign Trade & International Marketing

Precio A consultar - Masters y Postgrados, Presencial de 300 horas
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Sedes de realización del curso: Barcelona

INICIO: 21/10/14
FIN: 20/07/15
HORARIO: Martes y Jueves de 19:00 a 22:00 // Viernes de 16:30 a 21:30
PRECIO: 5100 (1200 + 3900)

El Master in Foreign Trade & International Marketing es preesencial en Barcelona.

Efficient and rewarding training is possible thanks to excellent relationship between students and our academic staff. The programme reflects international trade markets reality and equips students with versatile, transferable skills highly valuable by employers.

Academic advisors meet periodically to review the contents of all the different study programmes thas INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School has to offer. This review ensures that our programmes are continually updating and adapting to the ever changing business world.

Gain knowledge necessary to become an expert in global markets operations.

Find out everything about the organisation of export departments within a company’s structure, as well as sound understanding of principles and techniques of marketing in order to be able to effectively design and carry out sucessful strategic marketing campaigns and succeed on international level.

Duration: One academic year
Dates: Oct. 21 2013 - Jul. 21 2014
Timetable: Mon, Wed. & Thu. 19 - 22h
Degree: Master
Price: 4900€ (possibility of financing)

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

No descritos.

Temario cubierto por el curso:

International marketing and exporting
Influence of distance and time. The nature of international marketing. Export marketing planning and strategy: The export sales plan. Potential benefits from export marketing. International trade theories. Export behaviour theories. Export motives. The development of export in the firm: Export selling techniques, Tables of countries, statistics, codes and currencies.

International Trade: Better importing
The import sales plan. Product sourcing and evaluation suppliers. Timing of deliveries. Import licensing.

The international environment
Economic forces. Socio-cultural environment. Political/legal environment. Competition.

Export market selection: definition and strategies
Market definition and segmentation. Export market expansion strategies. Sources of information. Export marketing research. Customs code, EU goods circulation and transit.

Export market entry strategies
Entry as strategy. Factors influencing. Selecting the entry mode: joint-venture, franchising, licensing. Using free trade areas. International contracts: distribution, technology transference.

Export entry modes
Indirect export. Direct export. Market exporting.

Nonexport entry modes
Alternative modes of entry. Manufacturing facilities. Assembly operations. Strategic alliances.

The export order and physical distribution
Handing the export order. Physical distribution: logistics. Structure of international physical distribution. Incoterms. Guarantee and Security. Customs relief’s: export and import documentation.

International Transport
Transit packaging, marking and labeling. Maritime transport. Aerial transport. Transport by truck. Transport by train. International financing and methods of payment Export financing methods/terms of payment. Payment/ financing procedures: cash in advance open account, bills of exchange. Export credit insurance: letter of credit. Counter trade. Services contracts: factoring, forfaiting, leasing. VAT and exports.

Strategic Options of the Company in the International Markets
Positioning. New Markets. Global Markets. M.I.S. (Marketing Information System). Market Segmentation and Target Markets. Consumer Markets and Buyer Behaviour. Business Markets and Business Buying Behaviour. Dealing with the Competition.

The Market Research at an International Level
Marketing Research. Market Intelligence: Information is Power.

The International Policity of the Product
The International Policy of the Product. Product Lines and Brands. The Marketing of Services.

Pricing Policity
Pricing Policy. Pricing decisions. Pricing Strategies.

Global Sourcing
The distribution in the International Sales. Distribution: Marketing Channel. Retailing, Wholesaling and Market Logistics.

The Direction Of International Sales
The direction of International Sales. The Sales Force.

International Communication
The International Advertising. The International Promotion. Promotion and Marketing Communication. Integrated Marketing Communications. Advertising. Direct and On-line Marketing.

International Marketing Planning
International Marketing Planning. Strategic Marketing Planning.

Organization, Coordination and Control of International Marketing
The Organization and control of the International Marketing. Marketing Audit: Organitation, Coordination and Control.

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