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Basic course of Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Precio 180 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 44 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Finanzas para No Financieros Curso Básico de Enerxía Solar Fotovoltaica Curs Bàsic d“Energia Solar Fotovoltaica Curso Básico de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica   Basic course of Photovoltaic Solar Energy   Cours Basique d“Énergie Solaire Fotovoltaica
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Beginning by the South, little to little, in the last years have gone extending by all the regions the installations that take advantage of the solar energy, so much for the warming of the water destinada to domestic and industrial consumption, as for the direct generation of electricity by means of photovoltaic modules in the known like Solar Orchards that besides gozan of advantages tarifarias very important pues the European Union has declared like aim prioritario the increase substantially the energy proviniente of these sources that do us less dependientes of the subject hydrocarbons always to fluctuations in price of the barrel of oil of the that the Union is importing nata.

In the research of the reduction of said dependency are many the paises of the Union that have established big advantages by the installation of Solar Plates for the generation of this type of energy that besides does not pollute, is inagotable and find there where consume .

Treat , pues, of a technical course and fundamentally practical, with which the student will learn to:

The fundamentos of the Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Know and diferenciar all the components of this type of installations

The sitemas of management more usual of these installations of solar energy

The present rule and the future trends of the photovoltaic solar energy

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There are not requirements of access to this course

Temario cubierto por el curso:


Didactic Unit 1.- Introduction
Problematic environmental and paper of the renewable energies
Types of aprovechamiento of the solar energy
History and current situation of the solar energy in Spain
Energetic and solar geometry
direct Radiation and difusa: devices of measure
Types of photovoltaic installations

Didactic Unit 2.- Cell and photovoltaic signpost
photovoltaic Effect
electrical Characteristics of the photovoltaic cell: types of cells
photovoltaic Module: types of available technologies
Characteristic electrical of the photovoltaic signpost

Didactic Unit 3.- Own components of photovoltaic installations isolated
Investor of isolated: technical characteristics and operation
Battery of electrical accumulation: properties
Regulatory of load: principle of work
auxiliary Teams of electrical supply

Didactic Unit 4.- Own components of photovoltaic installations with connection to network
Investor of connection: technical characteristics and operation
Point of stick and evacuation
Counter of energy injected and sold
Transformador of tension

Didactic Unit 5.- Common components to both types of installations
Perfilería of sujeción and devices of anclaje
Cableado, drivings and connections
Box of connection to the generator
electrical Protections

Didactic Unit 6.- Solar supporters
energetic Increases obtained
Components of a solar supporter and algorithms of follow-up
Supporters of 1 axis
Supporters of 2 axes

Didactic Unit 7.- Telegestión And systems antirrobo in solar installations
Utility of the monitorización remote of installations
Levels of control and supervision
Devices constitutivos of the existent solutions
Systems antirrobo and coverage of insurances

Didactic Unit 8.- Normative and legislation of application
Technical Code of Edificación: DB HAVE5
Fold of technical conditions of the IDAE
Real Decree 661/2007
Helps and subsidize ICO-IDAE to photovoltaic installations

Didactic Unit 9.- Additional applications and future lines of I+D photovoltaic
current additional Applications of the photovoltaic energy
Future lines of I+D in photovoltaic technology

Didactic Unit 10.- Bibliography, pages web and technical magazines of interest
Bibliography associated to solar energy
Pages web of relative interest to solar energy
technical Magazines of the sector

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