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Course Advanced of Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Precio 235 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 57 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Especialización en Recuperación y Restauración de Suelos Curso Avanzado de Enerxía Solar Fotovoltaica Curs Avançat d“Energia Solar Fotovoltaica Curso Avançado de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica   Course Advanced of Photovoltaic Solar Energy   Cours Devancé d“Énergie Solaire Fotovoltaica
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Beginning by the South, little to little, in the last years have gone extending by all the regions the installations that take advantage of the solar energy, so much for the warming of the water destinada to domestic and industrial consumption, as for the direct generation of electricity by means of photovoltaic modules in the known like Solar Orchards that besides gozan of advantages tarifarias very important pues the European Union has declared like aim prioritario the increase substantially the energy proviniente of these sources that do us less dependientes of the subject hydrocarbons always to fluctuations in price of the barrel of oil of the that the Union is importing nata.

In the research of the reduction of said dependency are many the paises of the Union that have established big advantages by the installation of Solar Plates for the generation of this type of energy that besides does not pollute, is inagotable and find there where consume .

With the this course has not pretended develop a program of high theoretical level, for people with deep previous knowledges, but more well impartir a course with which splitting of basic levels and his study do sufficient to dominate the necessary basic concepts that allow to the professional knowledge by where pisa in this sector, knowing better than variable has to take into account to the hour of estuiar a project of Photovoltaic Solar Energy.

Treat , pues, of a technical course and fundamentally practical, with which the student will learn to:

Design with security an installation of photovoltaic Solar Energy so much isolated like connected to Network knowing and knowing connect each one of his components

Realize the installation of the teams and plates with total security to do it properly.

Hecerse Charge of the maintenance of the installation and guarantee the buen operation and maximum aprovechamiento of the same

Know the applicable legislation to this type of installations

Know the economic advantages of this type of installations and realize the necessary calculations of rentabilidad that allow us explain to the client the suitability of installation

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

The only requirement is to have basic knowledge of electricity and solar energy. The course is directed to Technical and Upper Engineer or Technical of F.P. And electricistas

Temario cubierto por el curso:


Didactic Unit 1.- Dimensioning of installations isolated
Leaf of energetic needs
Calculation and configuration of the batteries of accumulation
Calculation and configuration of the photovoltaic field
Selection of the regulatory of load
Selection of the investor of isolated
Dimensionado of hybrid systems with energy of support

Didactic Unit 2.- Dimensioning of installations connected to network
Hypothesis of split of the photovoltaic installation of connection to network
Calculation and configuration of investors and photovoltaic modules
energetic Production, economic income and saving of broadcasts
administrative Procedure of connection to network

Didactic Unit 3.- Dimensioning of common components to both types
Orientation and inclination of the photovoltaic signposts
Dimensionado of the cableado and drivings
Selection of electrical protections
Calculation of efforts and dimensionado of the perfilería of anclaje
Calculation of shadows

Didactic Unit 4.- Parts constitutivas of the project of engineering
Need and importance of the project: calculation and previous design
Memory descriptiva, calculations justificativos, planning temporal of the project and study of environmental impact
Flat of basic engineering and of detail
Fold of conditions
Study of economic feasibility-financial

Didactic Unit 5.- Study of security and health
Objective and scope of the study
general Data of prevention
Data of the work
Norms of security during the realization of works
Analysis and evaluation of risks

Didactic Unit 6.- Computer tools of calculation, design and simulación
PV-SUN 3.0
IFWIN 1.0 and CRWIN 1.0


Didactic Unit 1.- Previous tasks to the installation
The execution of work
legal Implications of the signature of projects and directions facultativas of work
Material, tools and necessary teams
Procurement of components for the installation

Didactic Unit 2.- Tasks of montaje of devices and set up
Installation of perfilería , devices of sujeción and photovoltaic signposts
Montaje of the solar supporter: civil work and anclaje
Investor of isolated and of connection to network
Location and connection of batteries of accumulation
Regulatory of load
Cableados and drivings
Put to earth of the installation
Review and set up end: delivery of the installation

Didactic Unit 3.- Tasks of maintenance of photovoltaic installations
Planteamiento general
Fundamentos on maintenance of teams and installations
Protocol of periodic maintenance of installations
Devices advanced of inspection: cameras termográficas
Failures and usual failures, risks and resolution

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