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Plans of Emergencies, Fires and First Helps

Precio 195 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 50 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Planes de Emergencias,  Incendios y Primeros Auxilios Plans de Urxencias, Incendios e Primeiros Auxilios Planes d“Emergències, Incendis i Primers Auxilis Planos de Emergências, Incêndios e Primeiros Auxilios   Plans of Emergencies, Fires and First Helps   Plans d“Émergences, Incendies et Premiers Auxilios
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

This formative action direct , in general, to the workers in active of the sector that want to specialise in first helps and plans of emergency. In definite, this formative action orient to qualify to the workers with the end that they can develop his own professional career and orient his promotion, independently of the professional category to which belong.

The main aim of the student is to provide a wide and complete panorama of performance, purchasing the qualification for a handle clinical initial and effective of the Urgencies, whose efforts coordinated can ensure the life of the patient and prevenir possible accidents.

The students that finalicen this formative action will be able of:

  • Know the norms for the provision of first helps.

  • Identify the procedures to loan first helps.

  • Apply the technicians of first more suitable helps in function of the cause of the emergency.

  • Know the possible dangers in the place of the accident

  • Know the necessary elements for the implantation of a plan of evacuation and emergency.

  • Purchase a global perspective for act in case of emergency.

  • Know the Factors determinantes of the danger of fires.

  • Analyse the Chemistry of the fire.

  • Measures of protection front to fires and emergencies
Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There are not specific requirements for this course.

Temario cubierto por el curso:

1. Introduction
2. Fire and fire
3. The development of a fire
4. Effects of the fires
5. The integral performance against the fires
6. The protection against fires
7. The extinction of fires
8. Teams of extinction
9. Other means
10. External means of protection
11. Dotación Of installations of protection against fires
12. Signaling of the manual installations of protection against fires

1. Introduction
2. Aims of the plan of emergency
3. Concept of emergency
4. Points of meeting and alarm in front of an emergency
6. Manual of instructions
7. Plan of information and training
8. Simulations
9. The basic norm of autoprotección

1. Introduction
2. Aims
3. Diagram of the unit
4. First helps
5. General councils of the socorrismo
6. Organisation of the socorrismo in the company in accordance with the valid legislation
7. Activación Of the system of emergency
8. Links of the chain of aid
9. Profile type of the lifeguard
10. Material and local of first helps
11. Technicians of first helps
12. Drowned
13. Obstruction of the aerial road by an object
14. Reanimation cardiopulmonar (R.C.P.)
15. Fractures
16. Accidents by electricity
17. Poisoning or intoxications
18. Injuries oftalmológicas
19. Insolaciones
20. Epileptic attacks
21. Wounds

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