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International MBA - Full Time

Precio 23000 € - Masters y Postgrados, Presencial - Titulación Propia de la Universidad
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Sedes de realización del curso: Barcelona

This program will be conducted in English.

The business world, given the current economic crisis, which is so dynamic and competitive, is in need of professionals who possess solid knowledge of the various areas of management and, at the same time, have personal and professional skills such as versatility, adaptability, cognitive skills, decision-making skills and creativity.

The International MBA is designed in such a way that the participants strengthen and broaden their knowledge in business management and administration, they work with the main management tools and they develop their management skills and abilities. Also, the programme allows you to choose from seven different specialisations so the participants benefit from the tools acquired from an MBA (growth as a director and manager) as well as from specialising in a specific area or sector that is adapted to their professional interests.

The general objective of the International MBA is to train future directors and managers:

  • To manage and lead an organisation by strengthening essential knowledge in all areas of a company.
  • To develop the tools and skills for leadership.
  • To evolve easily within complex and competitive organisations, on a national and international level, under sustainable development.
  • To adapt and anticipate the needs to adapt so as to always remain competitive.
  • To manage flexibility of the organisation when it comes to new technology, new markets and evolution of society.
  • To strengthen entrepreneurial spirit and to be able to lay the basis for creation of new businesses, hand in hand with encouraging innovation and creativity.

Study experience at Manhattan Institute of Management

Students are offered the possibility of studying a semester abroad in New York. The Manhattan Institute of Management is a private higher learning institution committed to offering students a high quality, global business education. MIM offers our students a real opportunity to gain insight into the meaning of business success, in New York and around the world.

Créditos ECTS: 60
Inicio: October 2014
International MBA - Full Time (Barcelona-New York)

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

Perfil recomendado: University Degree 2 years of working experience

The main objective of the admissions process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates for the programme, by looking at their professional experience and their academic CV.
Our aim is for all participants to make the most of the experience we offer through a context in which they may develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers and alumni.

In order to start the admissions process, it is necessary to fill in the form so that EAE Academic Committee can consider their application. If the decision issued by the Academic Committee for the programme requested is positive, the candidate can complete his or her registration for the programme.


Students who succesfully pass the course will obtain the International MBA degree from EAE Business School. Besides, students who fulfill the academic requirements established will obtain the MBA – Master of Business Administration degree from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (if studying in Barcelona) or the MBA – Master of Business Administration degree from Universidad Camilo José Cela (if studying in Madrid).

In order to obtain the degree from partner universities, it is necessary to fufil the requirements established by the institutions.

Temario cubierto por el curso:



Analysis of the economic environment

In this module we will deepen into the behaviour of micro and macro-economic variables, and their effects on business decision making. We will see which economic forces govern the company’s activities and determine its functioning, and finally, we will analyse the factors that determine the current global economic situation.

Company organisation

Participants will deepen in the analysis of the company organisation and how its structure must comply with the global strategy, its human resources, the organisational culture and the management processes. We will try to explain which is the best organisation for periods of expansion and recession.

Quantitative management techniques

In this module we will study the tools that are essential for financial information management, paying special attention to the techniques, tools and assessment criteria of financial and statistical calculation.

General and financial accounting

The aim of this module is to provide participants the knowledge necessary to know how to operate the company’s accounting data, to get to know the meaning of a balance sheet, to understand the income statement and to analyse the functioning of the company’s accounting system and the tax implications that result from its activities.

Marketing: concepts and policies

The participant will learn to define the marketing policy that is most in line with the current strategy of the company. To do this we will take Product, Price, Communication and Distribution into account and decide what is most suitable and complies best with the objectives of the company and satisfies the needs of the market.

International legal framework

We will analyse the implications of national and international legal framework, and we will focus on aspects like mergers, takeovers, opening of commercial offices and the legal risks of international transactions.


Strategic Management

We will look at the basic concepts of a business strategy and the different methods of strategic analysis, by analysing the keys to planning, clarification of objectives and the necessary monitoring mechanisms.

International project management

We will focus on the skills and tools necessary for managing and leading a business project: understanding the environment, making decisions in adverse economic climates, tools and skills to meet deadlines, implementation of appropriate monitoring methods or how to carry out a proper budget for the project.

Supply Chain Management

We will analyse the current positioning of the logistics with global markets, with emphasis on the latest developments in distribution, consumer and supplier networks, as well as new ways of managing network and chain relationships.

Analysis of financial statements

We will learn how to evaluate the economic and financial situation of the company, looking at how to obtain the liquidity statement, what type of debt the company has, what profitability it is generating and how the income and expenses are structured.

Cost analysis and Management Control

In this module we will focus on the role of the Comtroller, look at how to analyse the current cost models, their correct implementation in the company and how to deal with the different cost centres.

Cash and Credit Management

We will analyse the problems that can arise from business credit, especially focusing on the tools that enable us to know the debts of our clients and the risks that they pose.

Commercial Management

We will analyse the tasks carried out by Commercial Management, taking into account the different ways of organising the sales network, how to organise a sales team, work plan of the sales agents and other aspects such as recruitment, motivation and payment and incentives.

Human capital management

We will look at the main aspects to improve the human capital of the organisation and to be able to retain talent within the company: staff motivation, how to carry out correct personnel recruitment, how to organise employee training or how to correctly define roles.


Investment and financing decisions

We will analyse the main parameters that define investment, the principal techniques and methods to assess viability, what are the financing sources of the company and how to select the most suitable for each situation.

Development of competences

In this module participants will learn how to develop the main personal skills and competences of leaders and executives: personal communication, team management, motivation, ethical managerial behaviour, decision making or negotiation.

Financial planning and budget control

We will focus on functions such as analysis of interrelation among the various options for investment and financing, scenario planning based on decisions made, choosing between financing options or comparing the results and the established objectives in the plan.

Business ethics. Social Corporative Responsibility

Companies play an increasingly active role in the societies where they operate, mainly by means of generating employment and richness in the communities of their surroundings. In this module we will analyse the keys to a good SCR policy, which constitutes not only an ethical condition but a must for the long term success of a company.


  • Management Specialization (Spanish)
  • International Management Specialization (English)
  • Finances Specialization (Spanish)
  • Marketing Specialization (Spanish)
  • Family Business Specialization (Spanish)


The objective of the plan is to capture all of the information obtained throughout the programme in a company creation project. To draft it, the participants must take into account the influence that the various functional areas have on the viability of the business project, define the future strategy of the company and define the implementation of the business measures and policies that they consider to be most suitable to achieve the objectives of the company.


EAE lectures share their expertise and their knowledge on the latest research and business concepts in class through case studies, role-playing, company visits and group workshops. In some courses, group projects are an integral part of syllabus. Today’s business leaders understand that learning is a strategic advantage.

Business Game

Introducing a Business Game in the programme allows to test the capacity for analysis and the strategic thinking in competitive environments.

Personal Assessment

Personal and professional improvement of participants during the programme is shown on their ability to analyse themselves and identify their own potential and needs for improvement.

Management conferences and talks

Throughout the master programme, a series of conferences are organised with directors and experts from companies and organisations that focus on current affairs as well as activities away from the campus such as visiting companies and talking with professionals from various sectors.

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