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Course of OpenOffice Writer Advanced Processor of Texts

Precio 210 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 50 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Introducción a las Redes Sociales y el Community Management Curso de OpenOffice Writer Avanzado  Procesador de Textos Curs d“OpenOffice Writer Avançat  Processador de Textos Curso de OpenOffice Writer Avançado Processador de Textos   Course of OpenOffice Writer Advanced  Processor of Texts   Cours d“OpenOffice Writer Devancé  Procesador de Textes
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

A processor of texts is a computer program that allows the creation, modification (or edition) and impression of documents, fundamentally of text. The processors of current texts allow to create documents very elaborated and complex with the inclusion in the same of tables, graphic, images and other diverse objects. Likewise, they incorporate tools advanced for the orthographical correction, creation of letters personalizadas, letters model, staff and others a lot of applications that allow maximizar the performance of any work that require the creation of documents of type text Writer Is a processor of text multiplataforma that forms part of the group of applications of the suite ofimática In addition to other standard formats and widely used of documents, can open and record the proprietary format .doc Of Microsoft Word almost in his whole Writer Has an indisputable advantage front Microsot Word and is the fact to be a free program distributed under licence GNU available for diverse operating systems.

Can protect documents with password, save versions of the same document, insert images, objects OLE, admits digital signatures, symbols, formulas, tables of calculation, graphic, hiperenlaces, marcadores, forms, etc.

Writer Is also a powerful editor HTML so easy to use like a document of text. Only with going in in the menu See and select "Design for internet" changes the format of the picture of text, asemejándose to a page web, that can edit of the same form that if it was a processor of texts. With him also can do labels, as well as cards of presentation easily, without having to modify the format of a document of text for this. Also it has a gallery of images, textures and buttons. And a big service of help.

Totally configurable, can modify any option of page, buttons, bars of tools and other options of language, autocorrección, spelling, etc.

Creates documents, jobs or included whole books. Writer Is an excellent tool to edit, give format and sail through your documents. Writer Gives you the ease to write complex documents using an interface that will be able to operate instantly.

The student will learn to:

Install, handle and configure with soltura the program Writer

Create files with all the necessary characteristics to the equal that usually do with Microsoft Word

Work with the program taking him out all the party to the most advanced options of the same, as macros automated or combine correspondence

Take advantage of the processor of texts to realise the works of form faster and automated diminishing the efforts and time for the generation of business or personal documents

Work cone styles that will allow us generate writings with formats automated reducing the time and increasing the standardisation

Take advantage of additional options already included in the program like the generation of documents in format pdf.

The process of learning base in the reading comprensiva of the different didactic units that comprise the course, visualisation in video of an explanation detailed of the treated in the unit, realisation of a practice in real time on an on-line simulation of the own program in the system and systematic realisation of the test of autoevaluación, besides the course is focused in an essentially practical sense with innumerable examples for each separated in which poses the most suitable form to explode the different options of the program, along the course. To surpass the course, the student will have to realise several practical cases posed by the tutors and surpass a final examination in the platform of and-learning.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There is not.
Headed to companies and particular that want to implant technologies Open Source for his usual tasks of creation and edition of texts and communications

Temario cubierto por el curso:

1.1. Description of the surroundings of work of OpenOffice Writer
1.2. Show and hide bars of tools
1.3. Personalizar The bars of tools
1.4. Personalizar The menus
1.5. Programar Actions with keyboard
1.6. See or hide the no printable characters
1.7. Options of the application
1.8. Expand/diminish the scale of visualisation of OpenOffice Writer

2.1. Introduction
2.2. The assistant to combine correspondence
2.2.1. Selection of the initial document to combine correspondence
2.2.2. Select the type of document
2.2.3. Insertion of the block of directions
2.2.4. Create a greeting
2.2.5. Adjust the design
2.2.6. Edit the document
2.2.7. Personalización Of the document
2.2.8. Save, print or send electronic post
2.3. Fields for the combination of correspondence

3.1. Formats of characters
3.2. Formats of paragraph
3.2.1. Bloodletting and spaces
3.2.2. Alineación
3.2.3. Flow of text
3.2.4. Diagram and numbering
3.2.5. Tabs
3.2.6. Initials
3.2.7. Edges and bottoms of paragraph

4.1. Introduction to the tabulations
4.2. Fix tabulations employing the rule
4.3. Fix tabulations employing the eyelash tabulations of the picture of dialogue paragraph.

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Record a macro
5.3. Select and execute a macro
5.4. Show a macro like a button in a bar of tools

6.1. Introduction
6.2. Apply a style
6.3. Create a new style
6.4. Personalizar An existent style

7.1. Export a document of writer to format pdf
7.1.1. Introduction to the format pdf
7.1.2. Export a document of writer to format pdf
7.2. Configuration of the language for the application
7.3. Orthographical correction of a document
7.4. Autocorrección
7.5. Syllabic and synonymous separation
7.6. Explain words and characters

8.1. Headed and feet of page
8.2. Notes to the foot of page
8.2.1. Add and edit notes to the foot
8.2.2. Delete a note to the foot
8.2.3. Notes at the end
8.2.4. Configuration of the notes to the foot

9.1. Creation of tables
9.2. Add text in a table and move by the cells of a table
9.3 select cells, rows, columns and table
9.4. Insert and delete rows, columns and tables
9.5. Formateo Of cells
9.6. Combine/ divide cells
9.7. Size of rows and columns

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