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Elaboración And Creation of Reports

Precio 115 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 32 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Elaboración y Creación de Informes Elaboración e Creación de Informes Elaboració i Creació d“Informes Elaboração e Criação de Relatórios   Elaboración And Creation of Reports   Élaboration et Création de Rapports
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

It has a big project and does not know how explain it? His boss has asked him a report and does not know how do it? It would be him easier expose his ideas and objective of oral form, but anybody has time to listen him? It wishes that his report provide him the possibility of internal promotion that so much wishes?

In addition to the technical and linguistic resources indispensable, the tutor desvela the big differences between the distinct types of reports, the psychology of the addressees in function of if they are of sciences or letters and the criteria of filtered of the departments of editorial to elaborate the designated notes of press.

Know the necessary keys to anticipate to the needs of his internal or external readers and will achieve that his report have the success expected. Learn to elaborate clear reports, direct and concise.

The course will transmit to the student the importance of the elaboración a correct report where reflect that it is not a mere document with figures and data, but a compendio of emotional intelligence and social skills related with the oral communication and written. No in vain, through a report, the author is putting his professional qualification and image in hands of his addressees.

In this course did not teach to handle a processor of texts neither the rest of computer applications, but if we helped to identify needs, no only own but also extraneous, treat to know as and that way structure and that appearances has to include a report.

Through the course, will try desgranar all and each one of the elements that take part in the elaboración of a report. But no only this, but that besides will check how by means of the elaboración of reports, the relation with internal and external clients will give a twist of 180 degrees, situation this that will allow to the student situate in the line of exit for a future internal promotion.

This course is essentially practical and is based in multiple examples to the long of the same, the student will have to realise a reading comprensiva of the material of study to surpass the test of autoevaluación of each didactic unit that will help him to fix the most important concepts. Besides it will have to realise a practical case that comprises all the material treated in the course.

Once there is finalizado the course of elaboración of reports the student will know generate complete reports
and adapted to the thematic of the same as well as to the needs of his upper in which extractar properly the appearances that pretends to transmit and that without a suitable structure would be incomprehensible or inservibles, besides will be able to create the reports in base to the psychology of the addressee of the same applying different technical of editorial as the case.

The fundamental aim of this course is capacitar to the student to face with efficiency the elaboración of reports, ordering his contents, drafting them of precise form and presenting them. But besides the student will learn to:

  • Know in depth the structure of a report

  • Elaborate distinct types of report as the type of company, event or product that treat ..

  • Recognise the psychology of the reader for personalizar the reports to a determinate community

  • Know the resources and current technicians for the elaboración of reports

  • Identify and correct the main grammatical errors in a report.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There are not specific requirements for this course.

Temario cubierto por el curso:

1.1. Identification of needs
1.1.1. Needs of the boss
1.1.2. Needs of the author of the report
1.1.3. Common needs

2.1. Types of report
2.1.1. Technical report
2.1.2. Report divulgativo
2.1.3. Mixed report
2.1.4. Listings


4.1. Titles or headlines?
4.2. Sciences or letters?
4.3. Cabinets of press
4.4. The positive tone
4.5. Formats and sources

5.1. Insertion
5.1.1. Conventional charts and atípicos
5.1.2. References
5.1.3. Viñetas Or symbols?
5.1.4. Diagrams or drawings?
5.1.5. Columns or pictures of text?
5.2. Grammar
5.2.1. Syntax and paragraphs
5.2.2. Figures and letters
5.2.3. Signs of punctuation
5.2.4. Errors and frequent doubts
5.2.5. Extranjerismos
5.3. In case of doubt or query (resources free on-line)


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