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Technician in Installation and Maintenance of Thermal Solar Energy

Precio 295 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 90 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Instalación y Mantenimiento de Energía Solar Térmica Técnico en Instalación e Mantemento de Enerxía Solar Térmica Tècnic en Instal·lació i Manteniment d“Energia Solar Tèrmica Técnico em Instalação e Manutenção de Energia Solar Térmica   Technician in Installation and Maintenance of Thermal Solar Energy   Technicien en Installation et Entretien d“Énergie Solaire Thermique
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

The aim of the course is to form specialists in the practical applications of the thermal solar energy .

The course, conceived to can be studied of form totally autonomous, is focused mainly to the professional practice, splitting of some previous technical knowledges basic. The necessary level stop can assimilate it is not high, pues even people that so only have completed a bachillerato technical or a technical training-professional of level two, can, without main difficulties, acometer his study with aprovechamiento, this does not indicate that the course remain in the basic appearances, pues and can observe in the temario treaty deepen in all the appearances, technical, economic and legal of this type of installations to facilitate the profesionalizacióno and independence of the professionals of any level.

Once surpassed the course with aprovechamiento, the student will find technically capacitado to direct the installation of systems of thermal solar energy, as well as to carry of integral form his maintenance.

Taking into account the expectaculares forecasts of growth of this type of installations of thermal solar energy the demand of qualified technicians will be very important in the next years.

Once finalizado the course will be prepared to devote you to a new profession with enormous possibilities of growth since it answers to the needs of the current world to have of sources of clean energy and besides the so much Spanish Administrations and European have taken good note of this estableciendola forcing of this type of installations in all the edificaciones new.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

Course directed to Technical and Upper Engineers, to titled of F.P. Of technical branches like electricity, electronic or automation and of generic form to all that that wish to enter professionally in the sector of the solar energy.

Temario cubierto por el curso:

Didactic unit 1.- Introduction
Problematic environmental and paper of the renewable energies
Types of aprovechamiento of the solar energy
History and current situation of the solar energy in Spain
Energetic and solar geometry
direct Radiation and difusa: devices of measure
Subsystems of a thermal solar installation complete
Principles of aprovechamiento of the thermal solar energy

Didactic Unit 2.- The captador solar thermal
Captador of flat plate: components and operation
Captador of tubes of empty: characteristic and principle of work
Captador of polipropileno: properties and usual uses
Captadores solar thermal additional in the market
Perfilería of sujeción and devices of anclaje
The fluent caloportador

Didactic Unit 3.- Additional components and design of the primary circuit
System of accumulation of hot water
Group of hydraulic pumping
System of thermal exchange
Drivings and aislamiento thermal
System of regulación: controller, sensors and actuators
Solutions to the management of the stagnation
Traced of the field of captadores: criteria of design
Devices annexes

Didactic Unit 4.- Specific components of the secondary circuits and of consumption
typical Systems of contribute energetic auxiliary
energetic Integration with other technologies of generation of heat
additional Components
solar Production of ACS: types of installations

Didactic Unit 5. Additional applications of the thermal solar energy
energetic Support to heating: types of emisores
Climatización of swimming pools
industrial Applications of the thermal solar energy
Refrescamiento solar
Integration in big climatizadores

Didactic Unit 6. Telegestión And systems antirrobo in solar installations
Utility of the monitorización remote of installations
Levels of control and supervision
Devices constitutivos of the existent solutions
Systems antirrobo and coverage of insurances

Didactic Unit 7. Future lines of I+D in thermal solar energy
New developments of captadores solar thermal
Improvements in the systems of regulación: logical difusa
Analysis exergéticos and optimización of solar installations

Didactic Unit 8. Bibliography, pages web and technical magazines of interest
Bibliography associated to solar energy
Pages web of relative interest to solar energy
technical Magazines of the sector


Didactic Unit 1.- Previous tasks to the installation
The execution of work
legal Implications of the signature of projects and directions facultativas of work
Material, tools and necessary teams
Procurement of components for the installation

Didactic Unit 2.- Tasks of montaje of devices and set up
Installation of perfilería , devices of sujeción and captadores solar thermal
Montaje of the tank of accumulation
Installation of the electrocirculador
Anclaje of the valvulería
Location of the exchanger of heat
Montaje of pipes and aislamiento thermal
Positioning of the controller, sensors and actuators
Placing of devices annexes
Put to earth of the installation
Review and set up end: delivery of the installation

Didactic Unit 3.- Tasks of maintenance of thermal solar installations
Planteamiento general
Fundamentos on maintenance of teams and installations
Protocol of periodic maintenance of installations
Devices advanced of inspection: cameras termográficas
Protocol of analysis of installations
Failures and usual failures, risks and resolution

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El curso Technician in Installation and Maintenance of Thermal Solar Energy está en nuestro Buscador de Cursos y Masters desde el 21/08/2009.

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