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Course of Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Presentations

Precio 90 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 50 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro
Curso de Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Presentaciones Curso de Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Presentacións Curs d“Ofimàtica OpenOffice Impress - Presentacions Curso de Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Apresentações   Course of Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Presentations   Cours d“Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Présentations
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

In this Course of OpenOffice Impress pose the most interesting appearances and used of the tool of presentations OpenOffice Impress. Ideal to learn all the functions of this tool or for those users that have decided to migrate to OpenOffice and learn of fast form the functions that were used to to employ in other suites.

Therefore, along the development of the course the student will learn basic concepts and foundations of the handle of programs of presentations that will help him to the hour to organise and gestionar properly the information on a determinate subject.

The student will learn to:

  • Do a basic presentation of diapositivas.
  • Give format to diapositivas with text, turn the text, copy information from other applications, undo and redo the last actions.
  • Create diapositivas with information classified in tables, ordered in viñetas or gráficamente with organigramas.
  • Insert diagrams and series of data in a diapositiva.
  • How do diapositivas with objects 3D and forms of Gallery. Agrupar And desagrupar objects.
  • Realise a diagram and classify the diapositivas.
  • Configure a presentation: intervals of time, effects, animations. Preliminary sight and impression.

The process of learning base in the reading comprensiva of the different didactic units that comprise the course, visualisation in video of an explanation detailed of the treated in the unit, realisation of a practical in real time on an on-line simulation of the own program in the system and systematic realisation of the test of autoevaluación, besides the course is focused in an essentially practical sense with innumerable examples for each separated in which poses the most suitable form to explode the different options of the program, along the course. To surpass the course, the student will have to realise several practical cases posed by the tutors and surpass a final examination in the platform of and-learning.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

Headed to companies and particular that want to implant technologies Open Source to realise presentations of company and products, as well as to encourage diapositivas and insert the necessary effects to realise attractive presentations, dynamic, etc...

Temario cubierto por el curso:

1.1. Why openoffice?
1.2. What contains the suite openoffice?
1.3. Obtain openoffice
1.4. Installation of openoffice
1.5. Open openoffice in windows
1.6. Initiate to application openoffice

2.1. That is impress?
2.2. Initiating impress
2.2.1. Bar of title
2.2.2. Bar of menus
2.2.3. Bars of tools
2.2.4. Signpost of diapositivas
2.2.5. Area of work
2.2.6. Bar of tasks
2.2.7. Bar of drawing
2.2.8. Bar of state

3.1. Create a presentation
3.2 Save presentations
3.3 Open presentations
3.4 Close a document
3.5 Go out of OpenOffice Impress
Course of Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Presentations

4.1 Export PDF
4.2 Properties
4.3 Print
4.4 Rules
4.5 Cuadrícula
4.6 Menu Tools
4.6.1 Spelling
4.6.2 Gallery
4.6.3 Options
4.7 Bar of drawing
4.8 Bar of diapositivas

5.1 Edition
5.2 Gallery FontWork
5.3 Images

6.1 Working with Texts
6.2 Format of paragraphs
6.3 Numberings and Viñetas
6.4 Picture of dialogue of text

7.1 Insertion of tables

8.1 Transition between diapositivas
8.2 Animation personalizada

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El curso Course of Ofimática OpenOffice Impress - Presentations está en nuestro Buscador de Cursos y Masters desde el 25/10/2010.

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