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Course of OpenOffice Calc - Basic Leaf of Calculation

Precio 90 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 50 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro
Curso de Ofimática con Calc Hoja de Cálculo - Nivel Básico Curso de OpenOffice Calc - Básico  Folla de Cálculo Curs d“OpenOffice Calc - Bàsic  Full de càlcul Curso de OpenOffice Calc - Básico  Folha de Cálculo   Course of OpenOffice Calc - Basic  Leaf of Calculation   Cours d“OpenOffice Calc - Basique  Feuille de Calcul
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

This application of leaf of calculation has a big practical utility to the hour to elaborate all type of documents where have to apply calculations so much simple, as more complex. With Calc will be able to no only have of multiple tools for the edition and presentation of data type text, numerical, dates... But also you will have the possibility to realise charts that represent of way more attractive and ordered the data contained in the leaf of calculation. Calc Is a leaf of similar calculation to Microsoft Excel, with a rank of characteristics more or less equivalent. His size is a lot lower and provides a number of characteristics do not present in Excel, including a system that automatically defines series to represent gráficamente based in the disposal of the data of the user. Calc Also is able to export leaves of calculation like files PDF, has filters, car filters and can do groupings in dynamic tables that Lotus 123 in his previous versions did not do, possibly the version 9.8 of Lotus 123 have these possibilities.

Calc Can open and save the leaves of calculation in the format of files of Microsoft Excel. The format by defect of Calc Can fix so that it was the one of Microsoft Excel, or the format Open Document Format (ODF) .

Totally configurable, can modify any option of page, buttons, bars of tools and other options of language, autocorrección, spelling, etc.

The student will learn to:

Know Install and configure the program OpenOffice Calc

Know the surroundings of the program of leaf of calculation OpenOffice Calc.

Know the different types of data that can enter in Calc.

Design leaves of calculation with a design personalizado using the options of available format: appearance of the cells, rows and columns.

Work with formulas and functions to realise operations of calculation.

Realise charts of representation of data very attractive.

Use tools of analysis of data when working with lists, such as dynamic tables, subtotales...

Print leaves of calculation, configuring the distinct options of impression and of page.

The process of learning base in the reading comprensiva of the different didactic units that comprise the course, visualisation in video of an explanation detailed of the treated in the unit, realisation of a practice in real time on an on-line simulation of the own program in the system and systematic realisation of the test of autoevaluación, besides the course is focused in an essentially practical sense with innumerable examples for each separated in which poses the most suitable form to explode the different options of the program, along the course. To surpass the course, the student will have to realise several practical cases posed by the tutors and surpass a final examination in the platform of and-learning.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There is not.
Headed to companies and particular that want to implant technologies Open Source for his usual tasks of creation and edition leaves of calculation and basic financial calculations

Temario cubierto por el curso:

1.1. Why OpenOffice?
1.2. What contains the suite OpenOffice?
1.3. Obtain OpenOffice
1.4. Installation of OpenOffice
1.5. Open OpenOffice in Windows
1.6. Initiate to application openoffice

2.1. Introduction to OpenOffice Calc
2.2. Execute OpenOffice Calc
2.3. Description of the outline of work of OpenOffice Calc
2.4. Create a new document
2.5. Open a document of Calc existent
2.6. Save a document
2.7. Close a document
2.8. Go out of OpenOffice Calc

3.1. Add, modify or delete the content of a cell
3.2. Displace by the leaf of calculation
3.3. Select cells, intervals, rows and leaves
3.3.1. Select a cell
3.3.2. Select an interval of cells
3.3.3. Select rows or columns
3.3.4. Select a leaf
3.4. Cut, copy and hit data
3.4.1. Copy and cut using the portapapeles
3.4.2. Copy and cut using the technician of drag
3.5. Hit special
3.6. Undo and redo

4.1. Apply formats using the picture of dialogue format of cells
4.1.1. Numerical formats
4.1.2. Formats of source
4.1.3. Effects of source
4.1.4. Alineación
4.1.5. Edge
4.1.6. Bottom
4.1.7. Protection of cell
4.2. The bar of tools format
4.3. Apply autoformato

5.1. Insert and delete rows or columns
5.2. Modify the size of a row or column
5.3. Hide and show rows or columns
5.4. Add, delete and personalizar leaves in a book of Calc
5.5. Protect rows and columns

6.1. Introduction
6.2. Priority of operators
6.3. Add simple formulas
6.4. Basic functions
6.4.1. Functions of date and hour
6.4.2. Functions of text
6.4.3. Logical functions
6.4.4. Statistical functions
6.5. Enter functions
6.5.1. Enter formulas using the assistant
6.5.2. Enter functions manualmente
6.6. References of cells
6.6.1. Relative reference
6.6.2. Absolute reference
6.6.3. Mixed reference
6.7. The use of the button of filled in formulas

7.1. Insert an image
7.1.1. Insert images from a folder
7.1.2. Insert an image from the gallery
7.2. Insert a symbol
7.3. Configure anclaje and alineación
7.4. Change the size of an image
7.5. Modify properties of an image

8.1. Introduction
8.2. Create a chart
8.2.1. Assistant for charts
8.3. Select a chart
8.4. Change the dimensions of the chart and move in the leaf of calculation.
8.5. Elements of the chart
8.6. Change the appearance of a chart.
8.7. Format of the elements
8.8. Add elements to the chart

9.1. Windows
9.2. Configure the leaf of calculation
9.2.1. Format of page
9.2.2. Edges
9.2.3. Bottom
9.2.4. Header and foot of page
9.2.5. Leaf
9.3. The preliminary sight
9.4. Previsualización Of the jump of page

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