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Manual of Received in the Company

Precio 180 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 44 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Técnicas de Archivo Digital Manual de Acolleita na Empresa Manual d“Acolliment en l“Empresa Manual de Acolhida na Empresa   Manual of Received in the Company   Manuel d“Accueil dans l“Entreprise
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

Without clients there are not companies. Of this there is not the lower doubt. But, ¿to which client gives him more importance: to the client that pays the bills or to the internal client that works in and for the company (inside or out of her) and that can contribute new ideas, new trends and new systems of work in plough of an individual and collective profit?
¿What is a manual of received?, ¿stop what serves?, ¿which information has to contain?, ¿to who goes directed?, ¿which are the advantages of his implementation?, ¿why it is so necessary to have a manual of received in the company?, ¿which profits generates so much to the company and to the employee?, ¿in which measure can motivate a manual of received to the internal clients stop, to his time, increase his productivity in profit of a main and solid wallet of clients?, ¿it is precise to have of numberless Certificates of Quality to can elaborate a manual of received?

It does not matter the number of employees of his company, neither if it has numerous or any branch or delegation of local field, provincial, national or international. Neither it matters if account or lacks the more sofisticados programs of management (CRM, EDI or similar).

The aim of this course is to help him to detect needs in the processes of work of his company and look for the solutions more idóneas for gestionar more effectively the knowledge of his human capital and avoid in the possible the indeseadas low labour of his personnel with the consequent loss of information.

Along this course, the student will analyse real cases that will serve him to know of which way can gestionar the knowledge of his human capital and convert it in intellectual heritage of the company, elaborating diverse manuals of procedure and putting them to disposal of bosses and employees.

Besides the learning reinforce with numerous exercises and supposed practical that will prepare to the student to take out him the maximum performance to the knowledges purchased and will facilitate him the apply it to his own company.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There are not specific requirements for this course

Temario cubierto por el curso:

UD 01 - Introduction
UD 02 - The first day of work
UD 03 - Message of bienvenida of the direction
UD 04 - Organigramas
UD 05 - The second day of work
UD 06 - Manual of file
UD 07 - The third day of work
UD 08 - Management of the knowledge
UD 09 - The chamber day of work
UD 10 - Forms of application and staff
UD 11 - The fifth day of work
UD 12 - Manual of procedure
UD 13 - Attention to the client
UD 14 - Good practices in the office
UD 15 - labour Rule
UD 16 - Infracciones and sanctions
UD 17 - social Provision
UD 18 - Half Ambiente
UD 19 - Which communicate to the department of RRHH
UD 20 - In case of emergency
UD 21 - Our installations
UD 22 - Branches and delegations
UD 23 - Corporate Social Responsibility
UD 24 - Councils of utility for rentabilizar his manual of received
UD 25 - Bibliography

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