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Technician in Implantation of the L.Or.P.

Precio 295 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 140 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro
Técnico en Implantación y Auditoría de la L.O.P.D. y L.S.S.I. Técnico en Implantación da L.Ou.P. Tècnic en Implantació de la L.O.P. Técnico em Implantação do L.Ou.P.   Technician in Implantation of the L.Or.P.   Technicien en Implantation du L.Ou.P.
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

From 1999 and because of the aparición of the Organic Law 15/99 the big majority of the business activities have seen forced to gestionar his data so that they ensure his confidentiality guaranteeing so the pertaining data to employees, clients or other agents related remained protected of a wrong use.

The Law is very severe in the application of to the Organic Law of Protection of Data, establishing sanctions that arrive to the 600.000 €, with this course the student will be capacitado to implant and audit systems of management of data following escrupulosamente the preceptos marked in the L.Or.P.D., what will allow him:

Act like external or internal aide in the implantation of a system of management of data as the L.Or.P.D.

Realize audits that ensure the fulfillment of the Law of Protection of Data.

The student will learn all the processes and necessary steps no only of register and mantenidmiento of the Bases of Data sinó also of all and each one of the obligations that have to fulfil and as to guarantee to the company that no incurrirá in bad utilizations that derive in sanctions of civil of until 600.000 € and even penal sanctions for the administrator of the company.

In definite the student when finishing his training will achieve to know, apply and implant the LOPD in his own company or in other companies of a simple form and very practical.

The student has in the sitema of and-learning no only of the didactic manuals in a perfectly printable version, sinó that also will be able to use the systems for the realization of the multiple practical cases posed, the system of learning base in the reading compresiva of the concepts and the fijación of the practical appearances with the realization of numerous possibilities and practical situations posed like example to other of the tasks to resolve that it will have to deliver to the tutor of the course for his critic and correction, basing therefore the learning in the practice and resolution of the real cases presented.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There are not specific requirements for this course.

Temario cubierto por el curso:

I MODULATE UNICO - Implantation of the L.Or.P.D.
UD01 - The Protection of Personal Data
UD02 - The Law of Protection of Data
UD03 - Principles of the protection of data
UD04 - Rights of the affected
UD05 - The creation of a file
UD06 - Files of solvencia and sectorial
UD07 - The Spanish Agency of Protection of Data
UD08 - The document of security, levels and measures of security
UD09 - Infracciones and sanctions in subject of L.Or.P.D.
UD10 - The sources of public access
UD11 - Conclusions

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El curso Technician in Implantation of the L.Or.P. está en nuestro Buscador de Cursos y Masters desde el 14/11/2011.

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