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Technician in ISO 14.001:2004

Precio 245 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 120 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso de Implantación y Auditoría en Sistemas de Gestión ISO 14001:2015 Técnico niso 14.001:2004 Tècnic en ISO 14.001:2004 Técnico em ISO 14.001:2004   Technician in ISO 14.001:2004   Technicien en ISO 14.001:2004
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

The Means Ambiente has converted in an of the main worries to all the social and business levels. Because of this restlessness generalized the organizations have opted for implanting systems of environmental management that besides help them to obtain a recognition by part of an external organism.

The system of Environmental Management more extended is the ISO 14001:2004 and by which have opted the big majority of the organizations.

In view of the demand in companies and consultoras of diverse índole of professional formed in the different certifications as the norms ISO, from ACEDIS Training have opted for structuring this course in which will learn step to step the process of implantation of the Norm ISO 14.001:2008, one of the most known of all and thus the most sued in the business world.

With this course the student course the student will purchase some solid knowledges of what means and as it can help to the company the implantation of this norm. Besides, it will be prepared stop:

The deep understanding the Norm ISO 14.001.

Take part in the process of implantation of the Norm

Realize the internal audits that the same require for his maintenance.

Explain to the possible client each one of the business advantages, competitive and of image that will generate him the implantation of the norm and the performance that can expect of her.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There are not specific requirements

Directed to Students and professional of the environmental field that wish to purchase some knowledges advanced in Systems of Environmental Management, with special interest in the ISO 14001:2004

Temario cubierto por el curso:

MODULE 01 - Systems of Environmental Management as ISO 14.001

UD 01. - Object of the Norm ISO 14.001:2.004 and field of application
1.1 Aim of the Norm ISO 14.001:2.004 and field of Application

UD 02. - Definitions
2.1 Terms and Definitions

UD 03. - Environmental politics
3.1 Environmental Politics in the Company

UD 04. - Planning
4.1 Appearances Ambiemtales
4.2 Legal Requirements and Other Requirements
4.3 Aims, Put and Programs

UD 05. - Implantation and operation
5.1 Structure and Responsibilities
5.2 Competition Training and Take of Contact
5.3 Communication
5.4 Control of Documentation
5.5 Operational Control
5.6 Types of Operational Control
5.7 Preparation and Answer in front of Emergencies

UD 06. - Comprobación And action correctora
6.1 Follow-up and Measurement
6.2 Control Legal Fulfillment
6.3 No Compliances AACC and AAPP
6.4 Control of the Registers

UD 07. - Review by the Direción
7.1 Review by the Direction

UD 08. - Internal audits as ISO 14.001:2.004
8.1 Planning and Programming of the Audit
8.2 The process of Audit
8.3 The Auditor
8.4 Report of the Audit
8.5 Types of Auditorias and Objective

MODULE 02 - Advantages of the Systems of Management

UD 01. - Advantages of image
1.1 Advantages of Image

UD 02. - Commercial advantages
2.1 Commercial Advantages

UD 03. - Economic advantages
3.1 Economic Advantages

UD 04. - Business advantages
4.1 Business Advantages

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