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Upper course of Environmental Engineering

Precio 495 € - Cursos de especialización, OnLine de 150 horas - Titulación Emitida por el centro - Promoción: Facilidades de pago
Curso Superior sobre Contaminación Medioambiental Curso Superior de Ingeniería Medioambiental Curs Superior d“Enginyeria Mediambiental Curso Superior de Engenharia Medioambiental   Upper course of Environmental Engineering   Cours Supérieur d“Ingénierie Environnementale
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

The effect of the pollution caused by the companies in the Means Ambiente is a phenomenon that affects of constant way to the means that surrounds us. It has seen reduced in the most recent periods because of the creation of installations that reduce said pollution. Because of this, the organizations sue increasingly professional with knowledges in environmental engineering that know the methods of reduction of existent pollution as well as the use and maintenance of the same.

On the other hand the exigencias legal have done along the last increasingly rigid decade arriving even to the imposición of civil and penal sanctions to the industries contaminantes. In this course treat from a double perspective, practical and legal, the different types of contaminantes and his systems of depuración more usual as well as the exigencias legal and administrative that have to fulfil all the companies.

The student to the finalizar the course will know:

Act in the company like internal or external aide in all the processes of depuración necessary

Know all the legal appearances that affect to the pollution of any type, acoustic, atmospheric, aquatic, industrial waste, etc...

Know the necessary systems to reduce or delete the impact in the means ambiente of the feverish activity.

Transact in front of the Public Administrations all those necessary permissions any company that generate or produce any type of pollution.

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

There is not
Directed to students and professional of the environmental field that wish to know the technicians of reduction of contaminantes in all the vectores poured, atmospheric broadcasts, waste, noise ... Besides it is indicated for those that wish to know the existent environmental legislation and the requirements of application of the same.

Temario cubierto por el curso:

MODULE 01 - Atmospheric Pollution

Or.D. 1.1 - Introduction
legal Frame
The environmental pollution

Or.D. 1.2 - Contaminantes Atmospheric
Classification of contaminantes atmospheric
Nature of the contaminantes atmospheric
Methods of detection of contaminantes
Effects of the atmospheric pollution
Focus emisores of the atmospheric pollution
Transport of contaminantes in the atmosphere

Or.D. 1.3 - Depuración of Gases
Depuración physical of gases
Depuración chemical of gases
Depuración biological of gases

MODULE 02 - Acoustic Pollution

Or.D. 2.1 - Introduction
legal Frame
System of information on acoustic pollution

Or.D. 2.2 - The Noise
Origin and nature of the pollution acustica
Characterization of the sound
Characterization of the noise
Measures correctoras of the acoustic pollution

MODULE 03 - Pollution of the Water

Or.D. 3.1 - Introduction
Characterization of urban residual waters and industrial
Treatment of residual waters
legal Frame

Or.D. 3.2 - Depuración of Residual Waters
primary Treatments
secondary Treatments
Treatments terciarios
Fosas septic
Management of the fangos
Reuse of waters
Evacuation of effluents and emisarios

Or.D. 3.3 - Potabilización of the Water
The integral cycle of the water
Water of human consumption
Catchment of water for abastecimiento human
Driving of the water
general Concepts of abastecimiento
Process of potabilización
Recovery of the waters of process
Desalación of the water of the sea

MODULE 04 - Pollution by Waste

Or.D. 4.1 - Introduction
legal Frame
Identification and coding of the waste

Or.D. 4.2 - Urban Solid Waste
Management of the urban solid waste
Classification and treatment of RSU
Containers and waste of containers

Or.D. 4.3 - Industrial Waste
Industrial Waste
Producing of waste
Gestor and carrier of waste
Treatment of industrial waste

Or.D. 4.4 - Special Waste
Vehicles at the end of his useful life
Waste of electrical and electronic devices
Pneumatic out of use
Waste of building and demolición (RCD)
Batteries and accumulators

MODULE 05 - Pollution of Soils

Or.D. 5.1 - Introduction
Pollution of the soil
Treatment of soils polluted

Or.D. 5.2 - Pollution by Sour Rain
Effects on the soil
Evaluation of the sensitivity of the soil
Measures to reduce the broadcasts

Or.D. 5.3 - Pollution by Metals Weighed
Origin of the metals weighed in the soil
Dynamics of the metals weighed in the soil
Conditionings of the behaviour of the metals
Establishment of levels of pollution of soils

Or.D. 5.4 - Pollution by Fitosanitarios

Or.D. 5.5 - Pollution by Mining Activities
environmental Impacts produced by the mines
Contaminantes of the mining activity
environmental Restoration of the soil

MODULE 06 - Pollution of Waters Subterráneas

Or.D. 6.1 - Introduction
legal Frame
Origin of the waters subterráneas
chemical Composition of the waters subterráneas
Movement of the waters subterráneas

Or.D. 6.2 - Pollution of Waters Subterráneas
Roads of pollution of the waters subterráneas
Reaction of the aquifers front to the pollution
Prevention and control of the pollution
Measures correctivas

MODULE 07 - Environmental Permission Integrated

Or.D. 7.1 - Introduction
legal Frame

Or.D. 7.2 - Environmental Permission Integrated
Installations affected by the law IPPC
Obligations for the holders of the installations
The environmental permission integrated (AAI)
Value limit of broadcast (VLE) and better available technicians (MTD)
state Register of broadcasts and sources contaminantes
Sources of information

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