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Master In Prevention of Labour Risks 625 €

Precio 1712 € - Masters y Postgrados, OnLine de 250 horas - Promoción: Descuento
Prevención de Riesgos Laborales : Especialidad Ergonomía y Psicosociología Master en Prevención de Riscos Laborais 625 € Master en Prevenció de Riscos Laborals 625 € Master em Prevenção de Riscos Trabalhistas 625 €   Master In Prevention of Labour Risks 625 €   Master En Prévention de Risques De travail 625 €
Justificación/Descripción del curso:

OFFER 10% DISCOUNT- For the 100 first enrolled

Master + 1 Speciality - 625 €
Master + 2 Specialities - 838 €
Master + 3 Specialities - 1050 €

This course will be HOMOLOGADO by the COMMUNITY OF mADRID and is OFFICIAL and VALID to exert like Technician of Prevention in all SPAIN. You can check it pressing in this link

Examinations in Lugo, Gijón, Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Tenerife.

Using our Platform of Training On-Line have prepared successfully in the two last years more of 500 Technicians of Prevention of all Spain, obtaining a percentage of approved upper to 99%

The Law of Prevention of Labour Risks, Law 31/1995 of 8 of November, establishes in his exhibition of reasons that "the purpose of fomentar an authentic preventive culture, by means of the promotion of the improvement of the education in said subject in all the educative levels, involucra to the society in his group and constitutes one of the basic aims and of effects perhaps more transcendentes for the future of the pursued by the present Law".

By his part, the Reglamento of the services of Prevention, regulates the capacities or necessary aptitudes for the development of the preventive activity, like this like the minimum training exigible for the development of the preventive activity, like this like the minimum training exigible for the exert of said functions that classify in basic level, intermediate and upper in prevention of labour risks.

The strong social demand that exists of Technicians sure enough prepared in this subject does necessary the realization of diverse courses in all the national field. By another part in front of the new open possibilities by the technologies of the information has opened a fan of methods of education colaborativa that allow a main aprovechamiento of the training and the generalización of the same.

This course includes in the price a Speciality to choose, in case of escojer more of a speciality, the second and third specialities will have a discount of 20%

Requisitos de acceso al curso:

The only requirement is to be in possession of any Titulación University

Temario cubierto por el curso:

MODULATE 1 - Fundamentos of the technicians of improvement of the conditions of work.
1.1 Conditions of work and health.
1.2 Risks.
1.3 Damages derived of the work.
1.4 Prevention and protection.
1.5 statistical Bases applied to the prevention.

I MODULATE 2 - Technicians of prevention of labour risks: Security in the
work 2.1 Concept and definition of security: technicians of security.
2.2 Accidents of work.
2.3 Investigation of accidents like preventive technician.
2.4 Analyses and general evaluation of the risk of accident.
2.5 Norm and señalización in security.
2.6 collective Protection and individual.
2.7 statistical Analyses of accidents.
2.8 Plans of emergency and autoprotección.
2.9 Analyses, evaluation and control of specific risks: machines; teams, installations and tools; places and spaces of work; manipulation, almacenamiento and transport; electricity; incendios; chemical products.
2.10 toxic Waste and dangerous.
2.11 Inspections of security and investigation of accidents.
2.12 preventive Measures of elimination and reduction of risks.

I MODULATE 3 - Technicians of prevention of labour risks: Industrial Hygiene:
3.1 industrial Hygiene. Concept and objective.
3.2 chemical Agents. Toxicología Labour.
3.3 chemical Agents. Evaluation of the exhibition.
3.4 chemical Agents. Control of the exhibition: general principles; actions on the focus contaminante; actions on the means of propagación. Ventilation; actions on the individual: teams of individual protection: classification.
3.5 legal Rule specific.
3.6 physical Agents: characteristic, effects, evaluation and control: noise, vibrations, ambiente thermal, radiations no ionizantes, radiations ionizantes.
3.7 biological Agents. Effects, evaluation and control.

I MODULATE 4 - Technicians of prevention of labour risks: Medicine of the work:
4.1 basic Concepts, objective and functions.
4.2 Pathologies of labour origin.
4.3 Surveillance of the health.
4.4 Promotion of the health in the company.
4.5 labour Epidemiology and investigation epidemiológica.
4.6 Planning and sanitary information.
4.7 Socorrismo And first helps.

I MODULATE 5 - Technicians of prevention of labour risks: Ergonomía and psicosociología applied:
5.1 Ergonomía: concepts and objective.
5.2 environmental Conditions in ergonomía.
5.3 Conception and design of the place of work.
5.4 physical Load of work.
5.5 mental Load of work.
5.6 Factors of nature psicosocial.
5.7 Structure of the organization.
5.8 Characteristics of the company, of the place and individual.
5.9 Stress and other problems psicosociales.
5.10 Consequence of the factors psicosociales harmful and his evaluation.
5.11 Intervention psicosocial.

I MODULATE 6 - Other performances in subject of Prevention of Labour Risks: Training
6.1 Analyses of formative needs.
6.2 Plans and programs.
6.3 educative Technicians.
6.4 Follow-up and evaluation.

I MODULATE 7 - Other performances in subject of Prevention of Labour Risks: Technicians of communication, information and negotiation:
7.1 The communication in prevention, channels and type.
7.2 Information. Conditions of efficiency.
7.3 Technicians of negotiation.

I MODULATE 8 - Management of the prevention of labour risks.
8.1 general Appearances on administration and business management.
8.2 Planning of the prevention.
8.3 Organization of the prevention.
8.4 Economy of the prevention.
8.5 Application to special sectors: building, industries extractivas, transport, fishing and agriculture.

I MODULATE 9 - affine Technicians.
9.1 Security of the product and systems of management of the quality.
9.2 environmental Management.
9.3 industrial Security and prevention of risks patrimoniales.
9.4 Security vial.

I MODULATE 10 - juridical Field of the prevention.
10.1 Nociones Of right of the work.
10.2 Spanish System of the social security.
10.3 basic Legislation of labour relations.
10.4 Rule on prevention of labour risks.
10.5 Responsibility in preventive subject.
10.6 Organization of the prevention in Spain.

I MODULATE 11 - Specialization optativa, to choose between the following options:

  • Security in the Work
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Ergonomía And Piscosociología Applied
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